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Design Systems Group has over 100 combined years of sales experience to assist you with any type of scope of work for your fire alarm needs from:

  • Design Build 
  • New Construction
  • Tenant Finish Outs
  • Retro fits
  • Remodel 
  • Upgrade of existing Fire Alarm Systems

Our sales team here at Design Systems Group can help launch a new design build project to effectively meet the necessary costs required while effectively meeting the needs of the local AHJ’s(Authority Having Jurisdiction) and your customer.  Developing a new construction project can be extensive when it comes to the Fire Alarm system.  Our sales team works diligently to ensure all needs are met for the necessary users in the process: AHJ, General Contractor/Electrical Contractor and ultimately the owner/property management team of the facility.  Meeting the standards to fit the needs for life safety is a coordinated effort with our engineering departments to our operations department to expedite quality workmanship from the moment your project hits our schedule to the time the certificate of occupancy is signed by the AHJ.  Remember Design Systems Group (DSG) for your next project which requires a Fire Alarm System.

Service Sales:

DSG can take care of your companies needs from the very beginning of a project to the final steps of securing your yearly required services.  Our Service Sales team can work with you when you have a new tenant project, renovation, complete retrofit and/or to meet yearly compliance needs required by AHJ’s (Authority Having Jurisdiction).

Our service sales team is ready to assist you in assigning budget numbers for the upcoming year in order to help control costs on your current or aging fire alarm system.  Our service sales team can assist on the following protocols for your current building(s) required by the local AHJ:

  • Test and Inspection of the Fire Alarm System
  • 24- hourly Monitoring of the Fire Alarm System
  • Services needed to maintain the Fire Alarm System
  • Test and Inspection of the Sprinkler System
  • Services on the buildings Sprinkler System
  • Fire Extinguisher Inspections
  • Hood Systems Inspections
  • Block Time
  • All Inclusive Agreements
  • Cost Saving Multi-Year Agreements
  • Competitive Hourly Rates

Our customers can expect to have priority status when problems arise or when new ideas for projects hit the budget. Our service sales department is here to assist you in keeping your reoccurring costs as low as possible.  Give us a call and see how we can assist you moving forward at (972) 262-3332.   

Our DSG Sales Team work hand in hand with you and the coordinated efforts of all of our departments; to give you and your company a gratifying experience to have worked with Design Systems Group.



Contact DSG today to discuss how we can design, install and service your company's premier life safety system now.

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